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Re: Mac IIcx: power off on shutdown --- is it possible?

On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, Alexander Shumakovitch wrote:
> And another related question: can Linux sense the "power" key being pressed? I
> mean, not a combination of keys, but just that key alone? Or any other key
> with a direct hardware connection (like "reset")? I'd like to be able to
> switch my Mac on and off without direct access to it, since it's going to rest
> in a closet, but with some wires attached. Connecting two bottom pins of the
> keyboard jack does the "on" part (this is equivalent to pressing "power" key),
> but the "off" one is still a problem. Especially because of... (see the top
> half of the mail).
AFAIK on the back of it it should have a curcular vutton/switch with a
slit in it
turning/pushing it will shut it off


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