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Re: Some problems...

On Fri, Dec 03, 1999 at 04:36:58PM +0100, R.S.L. wrote:
> Ciao Chris, 
> I tried to resolve my e-mail problem.
> This is my .fetchmailrc file:

> poll my_popserver
> protocol POP3
> username my_username
> password my_password
> smtphost my_smtphost
> keep #because I don't want to delete messages on the server
looking good, only what is smtphost good for? Do you need that?
> Well, when I type the fetchmail command, it tells me how many messages it
> receives but after I don't know where I can read them.
Does it retreive them or not? I get this:
fetchmail: POP3> RETR 30
fetchmail: POP3< +OK 2703 octets
reading message 30 of 32 (2703 octets)
#*********** not flushed
fetchmail: POP3> RETR 31
fetchmail: POP3< +OK 1004 octets
reading message 31 of 32 (1004 octets)
#********************************** not flushed
fetchmail: POP3> RETR 32
fetchmail: POP3< +OK 2234 octets
reading message 32 of 32 (2234 octets)
#******************** not flushed
fetchmail: POP3> QUIT
fetchmail: POP3< +OK Pop server at sam signing off.
You have mail in /var/spool/mail/cts

And it even tells me where my mail is, cool, isnt it? Normally mail is
put in /var/spool/mail/<account> unless you use the mda as in the procmail
example. No mda line (like I do it at home) and the mail is in var/spool/mail
Id say drop the smtphost line, Im not sure what its good for, and I dont
want to look it up for you. Maybe you have set a limit for mail to retrieve,
you can make fetchmal skip messages larger than a certain size, but that
would have to be in your fetchmailrc then I think.

> I don't have Elm, but I have Mutt, another mail user agent. And I don't have
> procmail, but instead smail.
mutt is just fine, same goes for elm, pine, mail, ... They usually read from
/var/spool/mail/<account> but of course you can point (most of ) them to
other mailboxes also. When I call mut, I get:
  7 O   Dec 03 To debian-68k@l (  27) Re: Some problems...
---Mutt: /var/spool/mail/cts [Msgs:32 Old:32 121K]---(threads/date)-----(65%)--

> After receiving the messages, I load mutt but I can't read no messages. Can
> you tell me how can I resolve this problem?
So you received the messages? What does ls -l /var/spool/mail/ say?
> P.S.: Instead I can send messages using smail, and mutt.
Completely different issue, sending mail does not matter for receiving mail.

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