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Re: Some problems...

Ciao Chris, 
I tried to resolve my e-mail problem.
This is my .fetchmailrc file:
poll my_popserver
protocol POP3
username my_username
password my_password
smtphost my_smtphost
keep #because I don't want to delete messages on the server

Well, when I type the fetchmail command, it tells me how many messages it
receives but after I don't know where I can read them.
I don't have Elm, but I have Mutt, another mail user agent. And I don't have
procmail, but instead smail.
After receiving the messages, I load mutt but I can't read no messages. Can
you tell me how can I resolve this problem?
Thank you again,

P.S.: Instead I can send messages using smail, and mutt.

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