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Re: Can anyone help me with files needed for X on AMIGA

On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Philip Orr wrote:

> After nearly two frustrating weeks trying to install X Windows on my Amiga
> 2000 
> with GVP 040 accelerator card, I found out yesterday that not all the required
> files are shipped with the Debian m68k package.
wrong, you know, we tested debian/slink for m68k before creating the images.
> Apparently I need to manually write the XF86Config file because the m68k
> versions
> of LINUX do not come with XF86Setup or XF86Config files. (Sheeesssshhhhhh!!!) 
> despite the packages being on the distribution and the manuals being
> installed 
> during configuration!
If you read the manpage, you might have noticed that the framebuffer device
which is used on m68k needs no special configuration. At least I read
something like that in the recent xfree versions, maybe its not in the slink
(BTW this _IS_ a FAQ, Chris, can you please add it, if its not allready
> Would someone who has X working on an AMIGA, please e-mail a copy of their
> XF86Config file to me along with any configuration information I might need
> to tweek 
> it?
There is a config somewhere in /usr/doc/xbase-something, in the examples
directory called XF86Config.eg, just copy that to etc/X11 and rename it to
XF86Config. (cd /usr/doc ; find . -name "XF86Config*") ->
I know thats inconveniant and it used to be done automatically in earlier
times, got lost somehow. But the good news, it _is_ in if you download xfree
from potato and install it (current version xfree 3.3.4, tomorrow I'll
upload 3.3.5).


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