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Re: FS: Debian/m68k 2.1 CD-R sets for Amigas, Ataris, Macs, VME

Chris Lawrence wrote:
> [Apologies for the quasi-commercial interlude...]
> These sets will be virtually identical to the official CD images (I will be
> producing them from a local mirror instead of using the actual images, but
> everything else about them will be the same).  They will be mastered to work
> with all m68k systems (no troublesome Joliet extensions, which apparently
> cause problems for some people).

Let me put it that way: thanks to Chris' work on the m68k CDs, the
m68k CD set can be released with the other Debian CDs for 2.1. 

For those that don't want to wait for the release date (or would like
help testing the 2.1 install), there's a m68k boot-floppies set for
Atari, Mac and VME in disks-m68k now, and an update underway. Not to
with Chris; just FYI and as call for testing.


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