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Re: Slink release - what's left?

On Feb 16, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > Even after we release, officially, I think it's important to keep
> > working on the boot floppies, on the documentation, and on the CD.
> Adam, just a general comment from my side (I realize that you are
> not responsible for this, but you asked): Personally, I'm screaming
> mad that I find new updates to base packages almost every day on
> master even though we're in a pretty prolonged freeze now. Meaning I
> can't just rebuild part of the boot-floppies but have to go through
> the full cycle again which takes around 4-5 hours each time on the
> machine I use. It still requires manually adding the Mac magic, and
> general babysitting the build process, can only be done after office
> hours etc.

I think Adam was speaking in general terms (i.e. so we're ready for
making potato stuff without suddenly running around like headless
chickens a month before release).

As far as boot-floppies for m68k (and other platforms, for that
matter) goes, I don't see any need to keep them in daily sync with the
installed packages on master.  IMHO as long as the base system is
functioning, the user's first dselect run should take care of anything
that has been superseded.  People installing from frozen can deal with
it until it becomes Really Frozen (tm) at the end of the week; then we
can build new disk images from the archives and make sure they work
with a week to spare until we're Really Really Frozen And We *Really*
Mean It This Time (tm).

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