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Re: Slink release - what's left?

Steve Dunham wrote:
> > Where are we up to on non-i386 boot/installation? If we're going to
> > release together, which I assume is still the plan, then we need to get
> > this sorted _soon_. I know someone (Eric? Stephane?) is working on the
> > sparc disks and I have some support for them now. I've seen work ongoing
> > on the m68k disks, too. I've not seen much for Alpha yet, but that may be
> > my fault.
> Eric is working on the disks.  I think he is going to patch slink_cd
> for the dual boot stuff.  (It's pretty simple, I can come up with the
> patch after I know how he is naming the disk images.
> I'm not sure if he will have time to finish it until this weekend.  He
> is adding support to boot-floppies to handle 2.2.x kernels and install
> the right kernel depending on the architecture of the Sparc kernel.

The latest boot-floppies 2.1.6 for m68k just arrived in Incoming; the 
only thing I'd like to change (undiscovered blatant bugs aside) is
the VME and Mac kernels to 2.0.36 (Nick is doing the VME kernel
and I'll try to do the Mac part). After that, I'd consider switching 
to boot-floppies 2.1.7 (if there's enough time until release).


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