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Re: Slink release - what's left?

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > The latest boot-floppies 2.1.6 for m68k just arrived in Incoming;
> > the only thing I'd like to change (undiscovered blatant bugs aside)
> > is upgrading the VME and Mac kernels to 2.0.36 (Nick is doing the
> > VME kernel packages, and I'll try to do the Mac part). After that,
> > I'd consider switching to boot-floppies 2.1.7 (if there's enough
> > time until release).
> Even after we release, officially, I think it's important to keep
> working on the boot floppies, on the documentation, and on the CD.

Adam, just a general comment from my side (I realize that you are not
responsible for this, but you asked): Personally, I'm screaming mad
that I find new updates to base packages almost every day on master
though we're in a pretty prolonged freeze now. Meaning I can't just
rebuild part of the boot-floppies but have to go through the full
cycle again 
which takes around 4-5 hours each time on the machine I use. It still
requires manually adding the Mac magic, and general babysitting the 
build process, can only be done after office hours etc. 

I realize that it's important to keep working on all these things, but
working on the m68k boot floppies for over a month now has taken a far
bigger chunk out of my day than I can afford to spend in future.
it won't be me to continue working on this. 


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