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Re: Installing (or rather trying)on an Amiga

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From:           	Michael Schmitz <MSchmitz@lbl.gov>
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To:             	Kevin & Tracy <ramble@accessone.com>
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Subject:        	Re: Installing (or rather trying)on an Amiga
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I am sending this to you directly rather than the list,
because my local ISP may not send the message thru to the
list, whereas you may get it directly.

I had something similar on my A2000 with a GVP scsi 
(that I think uses a similar scsi chip).

Anyway, somewhere in the docs there is a way to 
set up no dma on the scsi, and that may help.

I am not home now, but traveling.  If you cant find out how to
do this, email me, and I may have some record of it at home.

> Kevin & Tracy wrote:
> > 
> > Well, I've dug my old Amiga 3000 from the closet with the purpose of making
> > it a lynix box but I'm having problems with the install.  I'm runnning
> > "startinstall" and following the instructions by Frank Neumann.  The
> > "script" seems to run ok...it unpacks the kernel ok and reboots the
> > machine.  When the machine comes back up and starts spitting out debugging
> > stuff and then hangs.  The drive light stays on and the machine is gone.
> Please post the kernel messages you got. 
> 	Michael
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