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[help] mounting a CD

I am totally new to Linux. I am trying to install Debian M68K on a Mac
Centris 650. I have partitioned my hard drive and successfully installed a
base system. I then ordered a Debian CD from which to install all the
extra packages (Netatalk Samba, etc.) .

Unfortunately, I cannot run dselect properly because I cannot mount the
Debian CD (nor any other CD).

The drive is recognised by Penguin in the SCSI devices list, and
apparently the system recognises the CD drive, and it shows that a CD is
present at /dev/sr0 during startup, but when I try mount -t iso9660
/dev/sr0 /cdrom, the CD is not mounted.

This might sound even too simple, but I have read the documentation and
found no solution.

Any suggestions? 

Thanks in advance

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