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Re: Boot failure after install

Eric & Gwen Albright wrote:
> I have installed Linux on my C650 (which does not have an LC chip), using
> dev1440.bin, resc1440.bin, base2_0.tgz (though the installer made me
> rename it base1_3.tgz to actually install it), macroot.bin, and

You're not being serious, are you? macroot.bin is deprecated, it's the
1.3 install system and you should be using either the stuff from any Debian
FTP mirror, or the updated install set from baltimore.wwaves.com in 
debian-support. I'll pull macroot.bin off the FTP site immediately before it
does any more damage.

> vmlinux-2.0.33pl1-990120.gz as a kernel.  When I go back and change the
> kernel options line in the Penguin booter (I'm using v1.6, by the way)
> from root=/dev/ram to root=/dev/sda5 (my linux root & user partition
> happens to be the fifth partition on my scsi drive), and boot, it
> eventually fails.  I get through most of the boot process, and it fails on
> INIT.  Here's what I get, starting with mounting root:
> sda: MAC sda1 sda2 sda3 sda4 sda5
> RAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 0
> VFS:  Mounted root (minix filesystem).
> VFS:  Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.
> INIT:  version 2.75 booting
> INIT:  Entering runlevel: 2
> Starting system log daemon: syslogdstart-stop-daemon: nothing in /proc -
> not mounted?
>  klogdstart-stop daemon: nothing in /proc - not mounted?
> .
> Starting kerneld, version 2.1.85 (pid 21)
> Starting base networking daemons: portmapstart-stop-daemon: nothing in
> /proc - not mounted?
>  inetdstart-stop-daemon: nothing in /proc - not mounted?

Who knows what inittab that old macroot.bin installed? I'm not going to 
speculate, you can find out for yourself by booting the ramdisk again
and mounting the disk filesystem. 

> login[29]: unable to change tty '/dev/tty1' for user 'root'
> Unable to change tty /dev/tty1: Illegal seek

I've seen that once when I built a broken base system. Never happened
since. Please use the right files. And before reinstalling, please read
the install guide on the Mac68k web site carefully.


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