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VIDEO options for 2.0.x kernels

Hi folks,
I need a little help for the upcoming Debian 2.1 release. We want to supply
StartInstall scripts for the different grafic cards which are supported (only
speaking for amiga here). I think the mode which everybody can use is
640x480 in 8 bit, so I ask you to send me (or this list) your boot lines for
this mode (for kernel 2.0.33/36). I have a CV3D and I use
I need the lines for CV64, PicassoII/IV, RetinaZ3 and all other boards which
are supported by the 2.0.36 kernel. Please send me only tested boot lines.
And please note if you have to set the Screenmode on the Amiga before you
boot linux or not (I have to do this for the CV3D) or anything else which
has to be considered.

Maybe I make a precompiled 2.0.36pre3 kernel available, so that you can test
this before we release.


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