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Trouble with PPP/pon/modem

I wrote previously about my trouble getting PPP to work after installing
Linux on my
475 (full '040).  FWIW the install was the base Debian m68k (2.0.33pl1
kernel).  I dpkg'ed
the man pages  plus pppconfig (and the required libraries).  Kerneld is
the insmod/modporbe/etc. utilities are present.  /lib/modules/2.0.33pl1/net
ppp.o and slhc.o.  The etc/modules file contains only comments (auto is also
commented out).
Modules.dep exists.  I tried putting modprobe, or insmod commands in the
file, but
received the same boot errors (bad command...).  Scanning other lists I
found a reference
that pppd can cause the same error message if its group/owner is set wrong.
Failing this, I think I'll reinstall.


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