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Re: Booting problems w/C650

Eric & Gwen Albright wrote:
> I am trying to get the Debian 2.0 release (hamm) to boot on my C650.  I
> am using the penguin booter version 0.4.0d15.  Everything seems to work
> well until I get to the scsi part of the boot.  The kernel seems to
> detect the SCSI bus and identifies the disk correctly, but then it
> aborts due to timeout and does nothing else.  I'm not sure which kernel
> I'm using, since I can't get to a boot log (or at least I don't know how
> to), but it's the one in the 1998-07-23 directory at the debian ftp
> site.  I've installed slackware on intel machines, but this is my first

That kernel probably doesn't support your SCSI controller. Get a new one 
(see the Mac install guide for more information).


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