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Re: Amiga 2000 / german keyboard problems

Eckehard Schaefer wrote:

> The annoying problem I have for the moment is that some keys don´t work
> right.
> The behavior is even different depending on whether I use the consol or
> an xterm
> running bash 2.0.

This is due to the nature of the handling of the keyboard in consoles and
X11; X has to do the mapping of raw scancodes to keycodes itself because
it requires raw keypress information; unfortunately it does not do a perfect
job of imitating the keyboard behaviour as you know it from the VCs.
Solution? Uhm..not sure. Maybe by writing proper geometry/mapping/etc
files for the XKBD extension - I never did that and have no idea how it
exactly works.

> When using the consol the german Umlaute don´t work but
> the at-sign and the back space keys work.

If just umlauts don't work, this is probably because your readline library
(which is used by bash) doesn't pass 8-bit characters through by default;
try (for each user) to create a ~/.inputrc into which you put the 3
following lines:

set convert-meta off
set meta-flag on
set output-meta on

Alternatively, you could also put that into /etc/profile so it gets
enabled for all users).

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