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Booting problems w/C650

I am trying to get the Debian 2.0 release (hamm) to boot on my C650.  I
am using the penguin booter version 0.4.0d15.  Everything seems to work
well until I get to the scsi part of the boot.  The kernel seems to
detect the SCSI bus and identifies the disk correctly, but then it
aborts due to timeout and does nothing else.  I'm not sure which kernel
I'm using, since I can't get to a boot log (or at least I don't know how
to), but it's the one in the 1998-07-23 directory at the debian ftp
site.  I've installed slackware on intel machines, but this is my first
try with a Mac.  Any help or suggestions would be most welcome.  One
other detail that may be pertinent is that I'm actually trying to
perform this boot across an appletalk network.  I've only left myself a
tiny MacOS partition, and all the files won't fit on it, but I can't see
any reason why the network connection would cause the boot to start and
then hang up at the SCSI detection.

Eric Albright

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