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Re: Re: Debian install troubles

Alpaca2500@aol.com wrote:
> > I am trying to install the Debian release on a Quadra 610, 20MB RAM,
> > 2.1GB drive. I have the drive partitioned into 1-MacOS, 1-Root, 1-Swap. I
> > used DiskTool to do the partition formatting. When I launch the Penguin
> > and BOOT I get to the point in the boot process where it is looking at
> > the SCSI chain. There it hangs never more to return. I read a blurb about
> > troubles with some SCSI controller chip sets and that a work around was
> > to add the line, MAX_SCSI_LUNS=0 to you boot string. If I do this I get
> > booted all the way to the Installer menus but there are no drives
> > available. Any ideas?
> I have a similar problem. Quadra 610, 12MB ram, 250 + 150 MB hard drives,
> when i run the booter with the kernel called LINUX that came with debian
> install (i dont know what version).  im sure i partitioned my drive correctly
> using apple hd setup, but
> when it gets to the part "partition check"  it just stops, and after a while
> it gives a warning message something like "live block not respondin to
> selection"  Any help with this?

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