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Re: [linux-mac68k] install

> After the successful boot of my Mac][ i am beginnig to fill up the hard
> drive :-)
> so i have some questions with the installation packages... i d/l them piece
> by piece and hope to get on;y the one needed, but have a lot dependencies
> problems!

Don't do that, then. Use dselect to sort out the dependencies, download the
packages and install them for you.
> so, one stupid: in which package is the "mail" command?

Look for the keyword 'Provides: mail-reader' in /var/lib/dpkg/available.
> may i be able to install X too? i have about 140 megs partition...

That's going to be tough, but if you leave out lots of other things ...
> and the support for a modem PPP  with dynamic IP is too difficult for a
> half-novice?

I don't think so. My PPP connection is set up that way, and all I changed
was /etc/ppp/peers/provider and /etc/chatscripts/provider. Get the
ppp-config package if manual configuration is too difficult.
> btw, i was able to set up a getty on the modem port :-) and it seems to me
> that the terminal is FASTER in scrolling than the text-based terminal on
> m68k-linux. it's just slow in scrolling... worse than a 8088 pc! not to
> speak when used with dselect :-)

And you really want to run X on that box?  
> i set the serial port to 9600 and occasionally some dcharacters are
> wrong... is this a problem of mine or  a known issue? ever to be resolved?

Known problem. Someone needs to work on that; it doesn't bite me enough to
be bothered to look into it. I've outlined possible solutions multiple
times so browse your mail archive.

> 56k would be better hehehe

Get real. I'm losing about 5% IP packets at 38400 baud due to corruption.
That's about as fast as you can expect a slow Mac to go with the current 
SCSI driver.


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