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Re: Debian install troubles

gross wrote:
> I am trying to install the Debian release on a Quadra 610, 20MB RAM,
> 2.1GB drive. I have the drive partitioned into 1-MacOS, 1-Root, 1-Swap. I
> used DiskTool to do the partition formatting. When I launch the Penguin
> and BOOT I get to the point in the boot process where it is looking at
> the SCSI chain. There it hangs never more to return. I read a blurb about
> troubles with some SCSI controller chip sets and that a work around was
> to add the line, MAX_SCSI_LUNS=0 to you boot string. If I do this I get
> booted all the way to the Installer menus but there are no drives
> available. Any ideas?

Could you tell me what kernel version (build date) you used, and where you
downloaded it? Due to the sluggish nature of the Debian FTP updates (and 
me being too lame to jumpt through all these hoops just for a new kernel)
I keep the most recent version of the Mac boot floppies in on the Mac FTP
site (baltimore.wwaves.com) in /pub/MacLinux/debian-support, and new kernels
(without the boot floppy wrapped around them) are in /pub/MacLinux/kernels.

Last time I asked around, the current 2.0.33 kernel worked on all
so maybe you grabbed a obsolete one...


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