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Re: more on the serial ports

>Do we know for sure that setserial actually writes settings to the ports?

No, I don't know that, and I don't think it does since the ports don't 
after trying it anyway.

>If it does work OK for writing we could use starting setserial multiple times
>to fix the serial port initialization problem?
Udo, I think you're missing it here.  No, it doesn't work, no matter how 
many times you try.  It doesn't work at boot, and actually, I don't even
think it runs, as a matter of fact.

Trying it by running setserial from a console doesn't work either.  I 
mentioned it the other day...after having tried 'setserial /dev/ttyS0 
which did nothing.  Ie, I still had to do it in minicom anyway to get the 
to work.

> wo> The kernel does see both ports at boot.
>With correct I/O and IRQ, I presume?
Can't say, since it doesn't print that at all.  It just acknowledges that 
they are there...doesn't report anything at all.  If you try to use 
to display the serial port info, thats when it reports everything as 


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