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Debian/Mac and serial ports

Sunday, October 25 1998 19:56, wb2oyc <wb2oyc@bellatlantic.net> wrote to Udo:

Hello Paul,


 wo> Well, this is the confusing part: the port refuses to work UNTIL the
 wo> flow control is "toggled", then it will pass data.  Doesn't matter if
 wo> the port is initially set for hardware flow 'Yes' or 'No', it doesn't
 wo> work UNTIL it is toggled!


 wo> Now, I don't know from this whether it is minicom or if its the ports.
 wo> Its confusing, and I can't rationalize why its behaving in this way, but
 wo> thats what I've found.

To confirm your findings you could build a basic version of kermit
(ftp.columbia.edu) and see if the results are the same (I suspect so).
Maybe we could consult the author of the serial port source to see if it
depends on the kind of port (make/model of the Mac)?

 wo> Hope this is helpful...its wierd, but its what it is..

It surely is weird but at least it appears this can be easily fixed.
Unfortunately I don't have a m68k mac source tree around (yet) to take a look
at the source. Does anybody else have a clue to what may be the cause of this
It would be strange if this is the default (desired) behaviour...


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