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Re: mac classic with scsi-ethernet?

 Hi Udo and All,

 From: udo@dinges.xs4all.nl (Udo van den Heuvel)
 Date: 25 Oct 98 14:44:05 +0100
 > >> but what about the problem Fumio.Chisaka <chisaka@upu.wlw.co.jp>
 > >> reported about the installation messages being too wide for a 9"
 > >> monitor? Is there a way to fix this?
 > >>
 > wo> I have no idea on that score.
 >We could always patch the (installation) kernel so it thinks the display is
 >smaller, can't we?

 My problem is cleared by this document.

 | The 'video=font:VGA8x16' is my recommendation especially for
 | users with these tiny screens like on a SE/30; the kernel 
 | would pick a prettier (6x11) font but the console driver for
 | this font can hang the machine, so using 8x16 (or 8x8, on the
 | small displays) is safer.

 I tested following Command Line.

      root=/dev/ram video=font:8x8

 And Install is success !


 _o/ Fumio.Chisaka ( chisaka@upu.wlw.co.jp )

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