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Re: LCIII and colors and modem

I wrote recently about my problems with X colors, my HP printer and my 
keyboard under X.

I'll work on the colors and printer after I get the keyboard working.

The Apple standard keyboard works fine (though with a US layout) in the 
console mode. When I switch to X, the spacebar becomes n, the number 8 = 
return, 2 = r, 3 = t and so on. It is totally unusable. I have figured out 
what each of the keys does, but it is quite a hassle typing that way.

In the console mode, I have already begun t change the layout. That is, 
my z is a z and my y is a y. I'll work on the rest soon, and post the 
German layout when I'm finished. 

I have no idea how to fix the layout under X. I was hoping to use one of 
the PC maps under XKEYBOARD and modify the layout to "fake" it. That 
isn't working out because I don't know how to click right or left with my 
standard one-button adb mouse.

Perhaps if someone could tell me how to emulate the two (or even three) 
button mouse, then I could work on a mac map and layout.

As you can tell, I'm not a kernel hacker, but I am interested in getting 
this box to work. Give me some primitive tools, and I'll turn this LCIII 
into a Linux Sistine chapel.



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