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Re: LCIII and colors and modem

Richard Klein wrote:
> I even have X working with the XF86FBDevice. The colors really suck. I'll
> probably have to compare all the colors manually in order to name them properly.

If you succeed, please post your solution. The X server ignores the
STATIC_PSEUDOCOLOR visual type used by the Mac frame buffer driver and
treats it
as PSEUDOCOLOR, i.e. tries changing the color maps without success. 
> A worse problm is that I can't get my HP 520 printer or my GV Platinum
> modem to work at all.

The printer probably expects Localtalk protocol. Not implemented, happy
A regular serial modem should work, you might need a cable that connects
(or otherwise sets) the modem control signals.

> The catastrophe--which brings me back to X--is that the keyboard goes all
> screwy in X. It's so bad, that I can't use XKeyboard to fix the layout or
> map of my Apple standard (with German keycaps) keyboard.

What is the problem with the keyboard - no response at all, or keyboard
acting as 
US keyboard? If the keyboard works reasonably well outside X, it should
work in X.
Under no circumstances you should use the X keymaps, these are for PC
only(at least there are no X keyboards for Apple keyboards I know of;
the PPC port might fix that, or you write your own).

> If anyone can help me with these problems, I'd really appreciate it.

X colors: Problem known, possible solutions outlined repeatedly (I'm not
going to reiterate here), no known volunteers. Requires C skills, lots
of disk space to compile X, and either a fast machine or lots of

Printer: Implementing Localtalk is extremely difficult to impossible,
something for an experienced kernel hacker. No known volunteers.

X keyboard: unless I'm missing something, it's trivial, requirement:
access to a 
German keyboard - alternately: complete list of scancodes generated by
all keys, or 'patch list' of changes between US and German keyboard. For
the former, write a program that switches the tty into raw mode and dump
the scancodes. Such a program used to exist when the Atari port took
You guessed it: no known yadda yadda ...


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