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Re: LCIII and colors and modem

Richard Klein wrote:
> I wrote recently about my problems with X colors, my HP printer and my
> keyboard under X.

Yep, I remember.

> I'll work on the colors and printer after I get the keyboard working.
> The Apple standard keyboard works fine (though with a US layout) in the
> console mode. When I switch to X, the spacebar becomes n, the number 8 =
> return, 2 = r, 3 = t and so on. It is totally unusable. I have figured out
> what each of the keys does, but it is quite a hassle typing that way.

Check that there is no .xmodmap, .Xmodmap or Xmodmap anywhere in the
directories X may look for it. It shouldn't be there, but who knows what the X
install script does if you somehow managed to request a german keyboard
Any such modmap would be either for Amiga/Atari or for PC (all of which are
Remove it, or better rename it to something X won't try to read anymore, and
the X server ought to use the US mapping. Works for me this way, and I can't
see any reason why it shouldn't work for you. 

> I have no idea how to fix the layout under X. I was hoping to use one of

It shouldn't be messed up in the first place. Here's how the theory goes: I
use a US keyboard (no console keymap required), and no modmap. The X server
seems to grok the raw or mediumraw key events fine in my case, and most of the
console mapping seems to be OK for you (otherwise you couldn't use the
keyboard at all). So something gets in the way for X, and X keymaps designed
for PCs are the prime suspect. 

> the PC maps under XKEYBOARD and modify the layout to "fake" it. That
> isn't working out because I don't know how to click right or left with my
> standard one-button adb mouse.

right-alt and right-control. Don't ask me what that corresponds to on your
funny mapping. 


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