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Re: [linux-mac68k] Re: Trouble loading modules on my Mac

Hi Antonio,

>I own a Mac VX with 12 MB RAM and a 500 MB HD.
>I've installed from Internet the Debian Realase of Linux-68K and it works, but
>I cannot install another software because I've download about 12 MB and it has
>no more software than linux kernel and ae,... no documentation.
>I've tried to install more downloaded software, but I have not been able since
>I can't access the HFS partition from Linux.

You should be able to mount HFS partitions using a command like this:

  % mount -t hfs -o ro /dev/sdaN /mnt

where the "N" in "/dev/sdaN" is the partition number of your 500MB hard
drive.  The "-o ro" mounts the partition as read-only, which is safest
since Linux has been known to corrupt an HFS partition if you attempt to
write files to it.

Note that "/mnt" must be a directory with no other file systems mounted to
it.  If it's already used, then do "mkdir /mnt2" and use /mnt2 instead.

>I've tryed to install software from PC realases of Linux (Slackware) from
>Linux, but I cannot mount CDRom.

If you're installing *binaries* from Slackware, this won't work.  They were
most likely compiled for the i386 (Intel) architecture and won't run on
m68k hardware.  (If you're using the source and compiling it, then it
should work.)

>Does anyone know where can I find a CD with Linux OS and full of software from
>wich I can Install the Linux and software in my VX, and if possible with as
>many docs as possible, some of them to learn how to activate AppleTalk and
>other network services?  As you may be thinking, I want to build a file
>Server with other networking services.

There is a Debian 2.0 m68k release forthcoming, though I don't think it has
been officially released.  Eddie Bindt <eddieb@xs4all.nl> purchased a CD
from LSL that contained a prerelease of Debian 2.0 m68k, but there are
other problems with that.

>I have a network with 5 macs and 1 PC and I want to connect all them with
>twisted pair. (Currently I have only the macs connected with thin coax)

You won't be able to do AppleTalk over serial cable (though it doesn't
sound like you want to do this), but you can do AppleTalk over ethernet
(EtherTalk) using the "netatalk" source code.  Not sure if anyone has ever
compiled this for m68k (they probably have, but I haven't heard about it).


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