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X windows installation


> I've read a few messages about X on Amiga that say it doesn't look too
> good.  It can only use 4 bit color or something to that effect.  There is
> a m68k mailing list for debian you can get on.  They know whatever you'll
> need.

4 bit colour isn`t that bad at all - it just looks bad if you have chosen a
poor colour scheme. Look at MagicWB - it looks good, and it`s only in 8
colours as opposed to the aforementioned 16...

Anyway, i now have all the required files for X (xbase, xlib6g, xserver-fbdev,
and fvwm95), i`m a little sketchy as to how to install them. I have the files
in the right place, but the "dselect" program says that if it installs them,
they will conflict with certian files. It says this about the xlibs6g.gz file
(which doesn`t matter as it merely implies i have the libraries already), but
more disturbingly, it says that the xbase archive conflicts too. OPbviously as
this is the actual heart of X, i`m not sure how to overcome this. Can anyone
help me?
Should i really be using the dpkg prog instead?

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