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RE: RFC: kernel-patch-2.0.33-m68k: interactivity and mac patch?


>I'm finally (*fx: watches as Michael drops dead in shock) trying to

:-P Dropped dead indeed. But I'm glad you did it!

>add Mac support to kernel-patch.  The good news is that it applies
>cleanly (minus an irrelevant whitespace failure).  What to do about

Got a kernel to test (or did you test it on a Mac)?? 

>when to use it?  Currently I'm thinking of doing the following when
>the m68k patch is applied:
>  o Check /proc/hardware for Macintosh; if we're on a Mac,
>    unconditionally apply the Mac patch.

Fine - no one will try to cross compile other kernels on a Mac :-)

>  o If we're not (we could be on a non-m68k machine![1]), ask the user
>    if he wants the Mac patches applied, with suitable caveats.

Make that a Big Fat Warning - as I see it now, the head.S patch required for 
Mac breaks things like kernel in FastRAM on Atari. And the 2.0 kernel might 
not work on all Macs (though chances are whoever builds a kernel on Mac has
the right machine anyway). 

>BTW: Michael, since it's been like 6 years or so since I first
>promised to do this, if you have any updates, wing 'em my way.

Well, since it's 5 or so years since I stopped officially maintaining the Mac
kernel source, tell me what date the diff was and I can tell you if there was 
relevant progress :-)


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