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RFC: kernel-patch-2.0.33-m68k: interactivity and mac patch?


I'm finally (*fx: watches as Michael drops dead in shock) trying to
add Mac support to kernel-patch.  The good news is that it applies
cleanly (minus an irrelevant whitespace failure).  What to do about
when to use it?  Currently I'm thinking of doing the following when
the m68k patch is applied:

  o Check /proc/hardware for Macintosh; if we're on a Mac,
    unconditionally apply the Mac patch.
  o If we're not (we could be on a non-m68k machine![1]), ask the user
    if he wants the Mac patches applied, with suitable caveats.

Any objections to either of the above?  Any comments?  

I don't think the interactivity is a problem, and think it's the best
way of ensuring Mac users know about the separate Mac patch, but I
would like to the opinion of others.

BTW: Michael, since it's been like 6 years or so since I first
promised to do this, if you have any updates, wing 'em my way.

[1] e.g. I produce the kernel images on a PC in Sweden.

James - who feels very bad about how long it's taken him to do this
~Yawn And Walk North~                                  http://yawn.nocrew.org/

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