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Re: Debian install on a IIsi not working


>	Thanks for the installation help, but i have run into another
>problem...my IIsi only has 5megs ofRAM, thus i need to find  a lmem.bin for m68k, which i cannot
>find...anyone have any ideas? 

lomem.bin hasn't been done for m68k yet. You should be able to boot the old
Linux ramdisk (filesys-2.0-ELF-1440....) on that little RAM with a 2.0 kernel,
and fix your half installed system. Remember to run swapon before doing
anything else. You'll need to provide a meaningful /etc/fstab and /etc/inittab 
at least (I don't know where the unconfigured.sh is run from but I suspect it's
in the initial inittab, and there should be a 'sane' inittab already present
under a different name). All vague things I recall from installing 2.0 beta
with the wrong ramdisk and fixing the 1.3 ramdisk for 2.0; that ramdisk should
still be around somewhere on the Mac FTP site in case you want to take a look
at what the old shell script did to configure the base system.

You'll have vi on the old ramdisk to edit these files, but not much else. It
would help to have a floppy driver for Macs, but that's utopic. 

Please do _not_ use Christiaan's Installer, the editor in there or the tounix 
tool screws up files (doesn't truncate them properly and leaves random garbage 
at the end).


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