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Re: Mac Install Problems


>> Where are these files?  Do you mean resc1440-mac.bin, which is contained in
>> the same directory?  Should we be using drv1440.bin from one of the other
>> m68k directories?
>Use the mac one. It might contain some fdisk replacement for mac the
>others don't have. Rename it, otherwise it won't be found.

BS. The only thing in which resc1440-mac.bin differs from resc1440.bin is
kernel and booter, both useles for him (can't read DOS floppies).
>> Done.  (There are no 1.4MB chunks to put together.)
>The base2_0.tgz is already put together.

There also was base2_0 cut into 1.4M or 720k chunks, I believe. For the 

>> Is there a way to manually extract base2_0.tgz from the command console?
>Change to the second console or to the shell (far down the menu).
>cd /target
>tar -xzvvf /path/base2_0.tgz
>That should do, unless there is no tar on the rescue disk (as I
>suspect). Have a look at /bin /usr/bin /sbin /usr/sbin. Theres
>probably a star or something similar, which is a smaller tar with less 
>features than tar.

Did you ever try that?? I've not got star to unpack the base system, in a 
similar situation. Anyway, it shouldn't be necessary, that's what dinstall is
for, and just unpacking base without configuring some things won't cut it.


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