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Re: Mac Install Problems


> Hi,
> >> Is there a way to manually extract base2_0.tgz from the command console?
> >
> >Change to the second console or to the shell (far down the menu).
> >
> >cd /target
> >tar -xzvvf /path/base2_0.tgz
> >
> >That should do, unless there is no tar on the rescue disk (as I
> >suspect). Have a look at /bin /usr/bin /sbin /usr/sbin. Theres
> >probably a star or something similar, which is a smaller tar with less 
> >features than tar.
> Did you ever try that?? I've not got star to unpack the base system, in a 
> similar situation. Anyway, it shouldn't be necessary, that's what dinstall is
> for, and just unpacking base without configuring some things won't cut it.
> 	Michael

I did it once, cause I didn't know that I could use the Atari root.bin
then (it was before common was there) I used the watchtower stuff to
get a root.bin system running. It didn't work right away and I had a
problem with the init scripts from watchtower beeing incompatible with
debian. Its not easy to do, but its possible. Of cause using dinstall
is much easier and the prefered way.

May the Source be with you.

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