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Re: Mac Install Problems

Michael Schmitz wrote:
> Fine, proves I'm not the only one to succeed installing Debian on a Mac.
> In fact, there's a few more Mac installations in the meantime. These people
> hang out on linux-mac68k, mostly.

Yes, there does seem to be more traffic over there.
> >This was my fault (more or less).  HFS support in the kernel image I was
> >using (vmlinux-980506.ELF) was broken: the files showed up when you listed
> >the directory, but everything had size zero.  I copied the kernel image off
> >of the resc1440-mac.bin disk, fed it to Penguin, and I was able to extract
> >the tar image during the installation.
> Can't believe that; HFS hasn't changed in ages (at least not in the last month
> or so). What probably happened is that you selected one of the
> <path to Debian archive>/.finderinfo/base2_0.tgz 'junk' files (HFS metadata)
> and some of these are 0 bytes, some a few k, none make sense. Imagine my
> amusement when installing packages off the HFS partition :-(

I tried and tried the debian install--trying the directory itself as well as
the .finderinfo and .resource subdirectories--but I couldn't get past the
"unexpected end of file" error that I mentioned.  Finally, I went to the
console window, mounted the HFS filesystem manually, and eventually realized
that every file had size zero (and zcat bas2_0.tgz gave nothing).  I
switched to the kernel on the rescue disk, and everything worked fine.  I
pulled the vmlinux-2.0.33pl1-980518.gz kernel off of maclinux.wwaves.com
last night and everything works fine with that image as well.
> >
> >Scanning nubus slots:
> >nubus: rewind of 32748
> >board resource not found
> >
> >Does this mean anything important?
> Bad news for you. The driver couldn't find the Nubus ROM on the ethernet card
> and gave up. You'll have to get the kernel source and start poking around in
> the driver to fix this...

In what file do I look and what am I looking for?

Thanks for any information.

Andrew Leahy

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