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RE: _bug_ in afdisk


>I think I just discovered a bug in the afdisk ( /debian install disks):

afdisk?? Are you using an Amiga?? And is it really fdisk, or the partition 
table code builtin to dinstall?? If I understood Roman right, dinstall doesn't
start fdisk anymore but has all the necessary code builtin?

>After connecting an IDE (ATAPI) Mitsumi cd-rom fdisk complains about not
>beeing able to read the partition table. That causes the whole installation
>to fail because the Linux and Swap partitions are not recognized correctly

What's the device name for the ATAPI CD-ROM?? If it's hdb, the partition table 
code will probably assume it's a disk drive. I don't know what can be done
about that; the user space code probably can't determine which device is a CD
and which is a real disk so we would have to add detection of CD block 0
signatures (if there's such a thing) to the partition table code.

>(anyway I have to type "no" manually without seeing any output...) - I
>can't continue the installation.
>Any suggestions? Is that really a bug?

Try 'fdisk -l' from the shell - same problem? 

To continue the installation:
do swapon and mount from the shell; dinstall should hopefuly detect this.


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