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RE: Centris 650 and info


>	Sorry to bother this email list but I'm been having trouble
>digging up info on things.  I think this is as good a place as any to try,
>I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Try http://www.mac.linux-m68k.org for a start. There's also a mailing list
for the Mac port, linux-mac68k@wave.lm.com. (kernel development and testing)

This list is about Debian on m68k, and not specifically about Macs. For the
purpose of Debian, Macs are just another brand of m68k hardware (a pretty
popular and common one, and a pretty broken design, with no documentation, but
nothing really special).

>	Get unix up and running on my Centris 650.  I would like
>to have color X running (is this possible)  I have a multiple monitor
>setup, internal video and two NuBUS video card (one 24 bit, all Apple).
>I'd also like some standards like emacs and maybe apache.  

It's all possible with Debian, it's just not possible currently with your Mac.
Reason: the SCSI controller in the later Centris and Quadra models (NCR53C96)
isn't supported yet.

Stay tuned (to above web site), I'm sure there will be a big announcement as
soon as that pesky driver problem is resolved.


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