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Re: _bug_ in afdisk


> Hi,
> >I think I just discovered a bug in the afdisk ( /debian install disks):
> afdisk?? Are you using an Amiga?? And is it really fdisk, or the partition 
> table code builtin to dinstall?? If I understood Roman right, dinstall doesn't
> start fdisk anymore but has all the necessary code builtin?
> >After connecting an IDE (ATAPI) Mitsumi cd-rom fdisk complains about not
> >beeing able to read the partition table. That causes the whole installation
> >to fail because the Linux and Swap partitions are not recognized correctly
> What's the device name for the ATAPI CD-ROM?? If it's hdb, the partition table 
> code will probably assume it's a disk drive. I don't know what can be done
> about that; the user space code probably can't determine which device is a CD
> and which is a real disk so we would have to add detection of CD block 0
> signatures (if there's such a thing) to the partition table code.
> >(anyway I have to type "no" manually without seeing any output...) - I
> >can't continue the installation.
> >Any suggestions? Is that really a bug?
> Try 'fdisk -l' from the shell - same problem? 
> To continue the installation:
> do swapon and mount from the shell; dinstall should hopefuly detect this.
> 	Michael

The Eagle installation uses fdisk -l, which works fine for CD roms and 
for unpartitioned harddisks. The afdisk will give an error because of
the nonexistent partition table, but that can savely be ignored.

Just speaking about afdisk, I discovered some slight bug. Normaly
fdisk -l has all numbers aligned, but with partitions greater 1GB the
alignment doesnt work and the number is shiftet to the right one digit 
(presumably 2 with greater 10 GB).

The problem doesnt exist on i386, where the spaceing is different and
afdisk should behave the same as fdisk.

May the Source be with you.

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