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Re: Anybody working on xfree 3.3.2??


> Hi,
> just a quick check to avoid duplicate efforts: is someone working on
> the new xfree package already?? (Is it worth working on, or is m68k
> support missing, for that matter?) I'd start working on it, to include 
> the Mac patch if nobody's busy building 3.3.2 yet.
> I've finally built the X server with a patch for non page aligned 
> frame buffers (kudos to Geert for the corresponding kernel patch that
> handles the framebuffer mmap for such cases) and would like to get it 
> into the final version before release. My X build was based on 3.3.1-1
> (and gave trouble configuring xbase, the server wrapper wouldn't exec 
> the X server, yada yada). 
> What changes were made from 3.3.1-1 to 3.3.1-2 - would the 3.3.1-1 server 
> run with 3.3.1-2 libs?
> In case someone wants to test it, the patched 3.3.1-1 server package is 
> on master (in my directory). Works fine on Mac :-)
> 	Michael

I had a problem building X. One of the scripts caled by
"dpkg-buildpackage" after compiling the thing broke, because it wasn't
executeable. I sure it was 3.3.1-1, so I will check if the problem
still exists with 3.3.1-2. I will tell you tomorrow.

May the Source be with you.

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