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Anybody working on xfree 3.3.2??


just a quick check to avoid duplicate efforts: is someone working on
the new xfree package already?? (Is it worth working on, or is m68k
support missing, for that matter?) I'd start working on it, to include 
the Mac patch if nobody's busy building 3.3.2 yet.

I've finally built the X server with a patch for non page aligned 
frame buffers (kudos to Geert for the corresponding kernel patch that
handles the framebuffer mmap for such cases) and would like to get it 
into the final version before release. My X build was based on 3.3.1-1
(and gave trouble configuring xbase, the server wrapper wouldn't exec 
the X server, yada yada). 
What changes were made from 3.3.1-1 to 3.3.1-2 - would the 3.3.1-1 server 
run with 3.3.1-2 libs?

In case someone wants to test it, the patched 3.3.1-1 server package is 
on master (in my directory). Works fine on Mac :-)


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