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Re: Re[2]: Compiling debian packages (part 2)...

Giacomo Magnini <prometeo@flashnet.it> writes:

> BTW, I have already offered to build the Amiga installation disks, but with
> no
> answer... I'll need all of the infos on how to build them and what to include...
> Anyone on this?

How do you want to fit 1.4 MB on a 880K disk? You would need a two
disk bott-disk-set to do the trick. What you do for that is pretty

1. copy amiboot, copy, execute and vmlinux to df0:
2. copy root.bin to df1:
3. create df0:s/startup-sequence
4. copy libs:68040 / 68060 libs to df0:libs
5. copy setpatch to df0:
6. edit df0:s/startup-sequence to 
   - run setpatch
   - ask for second disk (cd disk2:)
   - copy root.bin.gz to ram:
   - ask for first disk (cd disk1:)
   - run amiboot with the correct video= option

For people with gfx board you need some further stuff:

7. copy devs:monitors/CV64-3D to df0: (and all the other possibly
                                       needed once)
8. write a programm to detect (or ask for) the right gfx board
9. Initialise screenmode (run the monitor file and open screen)
10. run amiboot

On Amiga its just easier to copy all those files to your harddisk and
create an Icon for it to click on. (Like Eagle Linux m68k does).
If somebody wants it I can put a Penguin Icon plus script onto my

May the Source be with you.

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