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Re: Compiling debian packages (part 2)...

> Should I always use -rfakeroot when building packages?

-rsudo is sufficient, if you have root access... fakeroot is only
*needed* if you don't have root access and also no sudo priviledge.
But we generally consider it a bug if a package can't be built under

> Doesn't dpkg-buildpackage install them by itself?

No. You have to do that separately with dpkg.

> I guess I should check them to see if they actually work in some
> way... :)

Yup, can't hurt :-)

> If a 'make tests' is present, would it be enough checking? :)

That would test only the binaries produced, but not the Debian
packaging around it.

> Once I'm sure they work, where should I upload the two files? Should
> I register somewhere to gain access?

You have to be a "registered" Debian developer with a known PGP key so
that you can upload to master. Wasn't there something like
newmaint@debian.org or something similar?

> Let suppose I have a source made for i386 arch

Sources are always arch-indep...

> and I need to modify it to make it work under m68k...

Ok, that's something different. In that case, report your changes to
the maintainer (probably as a bug "can't build for m68k" or the like)
and wait until he releases a new version. In urgent cases, one could
do a non-maintainer release, but don't do that without some

> My guess is that dpkg-buildpackage will also build also a *.diff*
> file somewhere to show the differences between my version and the
> other: doesn't it? In such a case, should I modify the ChangeLog or
> similar?

No, the .diff.gz files is the patch between the upstream source
(.orig.tar.gz) and the Debian sources. If you run dpkg-buildpackage
with -b or -B (in general, you should use -B), those files aren't
built. This should be done only by the maintainer himself.

> What should I do if dpkg-buildpackage insists in including the
> source inside the package?

Use -B :-)


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