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Re: Re[2]: Compiling debian packages (part 2)...


> > BTW, I have already offered to build the Amiga installation disks, but with
> > no
> > answer... I'll need all of the infos on how to build them and what to include...
> > Anyone on this?

yes, we are working in this. Thank you for your offer, but at the moment
everything is runnig. If we need help we will ask you, ok?

> How do you want to fit 1.4 MB on a 880K disk? You would need a two
> disk bott-disk-set to do the trick. What you do for that is pretty
> easy:
> 1. copy amiboot, copy, execute and vmlinux to df0:
> 2. copy root.bin to df1:
> 3. create df0:s/startup-sequence
> 4. copy libs:68040 / 68060 libs to df0:libs
> 5. copy setpatch to df0:
> 6. edit df0:s/startup-sequence to 
>    - run setpatch
>    - ask for second disk (cd disk2:)
>    - copy root.bin.gz to ram:
>    - ask for first disk (cd disk1:)
>    - run amiboot with the correct video= option
> For people with gfx board you need some further stuff:
> 7. copy devs:monitors/CV64-3D to df0: (and all the other possibly
>                                        needed once)
> 8. write a programm to detect (or ask for) the right gfx board
> 9. Initialise screenmode (run the monitor file and open screen)
> 10. run amiboot

Hmm, and that's easy? I think we need somebody to write the 

Bye, Michael
Michael Schlueter,Zimmer 422,Meitnerweg 4,44227 Dortmund,0231-7275286

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