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Re: Debian/m68k web pages

[ Way, way, late reply, just discovered in my misc.others folder ]


> > There's a bit of general background information about Debian/m68k,
> > but one of the main purposes of the pages is to put up a
> > "Problematic packages and work needing done" section.  I've found
> > a lot of packages
> Great work, I find that a lot easier to parse than the quinn diff
> lists :-)

Foo. :)

> >o people who find problems in packages can check if it's a known
> >  m68k problem
> Something I always wanted to ask: dpkg (the experimental tarball)
> doesn't build for me (compiles all the pre-stages and bails out when
> it's not finding the arch list header in the build subtree). That's
> not a 'known m68k problem', apparently...

Nono; it is a known problem, I just haven't added it yet ;-) There's
been so many packages that have gone wrong, I've kind of lost track of
what's broken and what's been fixed, if you find something that's
broken and not listed, just drop me a line.

> so what am I doing wrong there??

What exactly was your dpkg problem, it doesn't sound like one of the
normal ones (i.e. got a log for me?)


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