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Re: Debian/m68k web pages

eichin@kitten.gen.ma.us (Mark W. Eichin) writes:

> (1) please fix the spelling of Debian on the "Other Links" page

*blush* done.

> (2) please mention, on the "about" page, what *hardware* this release
> runs on. 


> AFAIK it only runs on certain amiga models, right?

Nope; in fact we have installation disks for Atari machines, but none
for Amiga (yet).  And, I for one, hadn't used an Amiga for Debian
related stuff until Joey put Kullervo up.

> (If it runs on the Sun 3, please please please let me know, I've got
> a farm of them here that have little use right now, and I'm not that
> interested in porting dpkg to NetBSD :-)

The binaries will/should run; but I've no idea about the state of the
kernel.  If the kernel is advanced enough, I don't see why you
couldn't fundge Debian/m68k onto running on them.


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