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Re: Debian/m68k web pages


>> Something I always wanted to ask: dpkg (the experimental tarball)
>> doesn't build for me (compiles all the pre-stages and bails out when
>> it's not finding the arch list header in the build subtree). That's
>> not a 'known m68k problem', apparently...
>Nono; it is a known problem, I just haven't added it yet ;-) There's
>been so many packages that have gone wrong, I've kind of lost track of
>what's broken and what's been fixed, if you find something that's
>broken and not listed, just drop me a line.

Ok, consider it dropped ...

>> so what am I doing wrong there??
>What exactly was your dpkg problem, it doesn't sound like one of the
>normal ones (i.e. got a log for me?)

I'll have to make one. The problem is that dpkg built very slow (2.1.72, lots
of sed'ing of makefiles and config files as far as I could see, and I've
got more than the usual load of SCSI timeouts during that build). It seems to
compile all sources, resulting in a lot of object files in debian/build/...
When it comes to creating the dpkg binary from all that intermediate object
code, it complains about missing the archlist.h file (which is in the source
tree, but apparently not in the debian/build/ intermediate tree). 

As soon as I've plugged that disk into the Falcon again I'll retry. The Mac is
just too slow ...


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