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RE: Debian/m68k web pages


>I've put up a rudimentary set of pages about Debian/m68k at 
>There's a bit of general background information about Debian/m68k, but
>one of the main purposes of the pages is to put up a "Problematic
>packages and work needing done" section.  I've found a lot of packages

Great work, I find that a lot easier to parse than the quinn diff lists :-)

>o bored individuals have a task list of things to fix/do. (Haha)


>o we have a list of who's doing what to try and minimize duplicated
>  effort.

Makes sense. Add a form 'sign up for work' right there :-) 
I just saw Roman already did the atari-fdisk packaging so there's no 
more excuse for me to delay the pdisk package. I just have to double check
my debian/ stuff and perhaps use the version number Apple defined for the 

>o people who find problems in packages can check if it's a known m68k
>  problem

Something I always wanted to ask: dpkg (the experimental tarball) doesn't 
build for me (compiles all the pre-stages and bails out when it's not finding
the arch list header in the build subtree). That's not a 'known m68k problem',
apparently... so what am I doing wrong there??
Without recompiling dpkg, the Mac support will be somewhat subpessimal ....


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