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syslinux and m68k


	I am the current `syslinux' maintainer, and I noticed that you
(Michael Schlueter) added images for booting on m68k on Feb 1997.

	However, they are only images; I have no source, I have no URL
where to find them, I have no license.  Are they free?  If so, can it
be built from source?  Where is the source?

And, another question... from /usr/doc/syslinux/copyright:
  * Added Amiga images from Michael Schlueter
But from /usr/doc/syslinux/changelog.Debian.gz:
  * Include Images for 1.44K and 720K to boot Linux on an Atari Computer
(in fact, the files are named img*Atari.gz)

	Are they for Atari, for Amiga, or for both?

	Thanks for your help.

Juan Cespedes

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