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Re: syslinux and m68k

Hi Juan,

> 	I am the current `syslinux' maintainer, and I noticed that you
> (Michael Schlueter) added images for booting on m68k on Feb 1997.

ups, one year ago...

> 	However, they are only images; I have no source, I have no URL
> where to find them, I have no license.  Are they free?  If so, can it
> be built from source?  Where is the source?

So many questions :). I built them by "hand", but it should work like this:
#! /bin/sh
# This is free software under the GNU General Public License.
# 1998, Michael Schlueter <schlue00@marvin.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>

# Print a usage message and exit if the argument count is wrong.
if [ $# != 2 ]; then
echo "Usage: "$0" mount size" 1>&2
        cat 1>&2 << EOF

        mount: A directory to mount the floppyimage.
        size: size of the floppyimage.

exit -1


dd if=/dev/zero of=img${size}kAtari bs=1k count=$size

(/sbin/losetup -d \dev\loop3; true)
/sbin/losetup \dev\loop3 img${size}kAtari
mkdosfs -r 112 -F 12 img${size}kAtari $size
mount -o fat=12 -t msdos /dev/loop3 $mnt
mkdir $mnt/auto
# ataboot.ttp is jet not included into any debian package, but Roman is
# working on it? Ataboot.ttp is included in the linux sourcecode, so it
# should under the GPL.
cp ataboot.ttp $mnt/auto/bootstra.prg
echo -n "-s -k vmlinuz root=/dev/partition" >$mnt/bootargs
umount $mnt

And an infotext would be fine...

> And, another question... from /usr/doc/syslinux/copyright:
>   * Added Amiga images from Michael Schlueter
> But from /usr/doc/syslinux/changelog.Debian.gz:
>   * Include Images for 1.44K and 720K to boot Linux on an Atari Computer
> (in fact, the files are named img*Atari.gz)
> 	Are they for Atari, for Amiga, or for both?

They are only for Atari. What's about Amiga [Christian, Frank,...]?

Bye, Michael
Michael Schlueter,Zimmer 422,Meitnerweg 4,44227 Dortmund,0231-7275286
Privat: michael@duck.prima.de   Uni:    schlue00@marvin.cs.uni-dortmund.de
Debian: schlue@debian.org       FSR:    michael@fsinfo.cs.uni-dortmund.de

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