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$SUBJECT is building for hopefully the last time as I write.  I made
the following changes to the config file, as per suggestions.  Did I
miss anything?  Michael what happened to those mac patches?

o ext: Remove; untested on m68k and no one's going to miss it.
o xiafs: ditto.
o nfs: make y to allow network installation (allegedly).
   bootp: y because I just can't say no.  (But seriously; should this be a Y?)
   rarp: ditto.
o sound: made a module, because there's no reason not to.
o watchdog: dropped, since it doesn't work on m68k.

I had to do some hacking to kernel-package to get it to handle the
"atari" or "amiga" in the kernel image name, I'll see if I can get
Manoj to accept my hacks.  Apart from that (and that's only relevant
to the current m68k kernel images maintainer (i.e. me)) kernel image
building seems to work dodie on m68k.

Thanks to Roman and Michael for their comments; an Amiga config file
is coming to the list RSN, I *definitely* need comments on that, I had
a semblance of a clue WRT to the sanity of Atari options, but will
have 0 idea with the Amiga ones.


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