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Re: Debian/m68k web pages

On 6 Feb 1998, James Troup wrote:
>> AFAIK it only runs on certain amiga models, right?
> Nope; in fact we have installation disks for Atari machines, but none
> for Amiga (yet).  And, I for one, hadn't used an Amiga for Debian
> related stuff until Joey put Kullervo up.

Just FYI, I'm running it on a Mac SE/30.  The kernel isn't stable yet, but
stuff basically works (hwclock doesn't work, and I get SCSI lockups sometimes,
but that's nothing to do with Debian).

Does Debian/m68k run on anything earlier than a 68020?  I've got a Sun2/170
sitting around, which has hardware identical to the Sun3 except that it uses a
68010 processor (with math coprocessor and PMMU, obviously).

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