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Re: Debian/m68k web pages

Doug DeJulio <ddj@aisb.org> writes:

> Just FYI, I'm running it on a Mac SE/30.


> I get SCSI lockups sometimes, but that's nothing to do with Debian).

AOL.  SCSI lockups are the bane of my existence.  (Well that and a
complete lack of speed & memory)

> Does Debian/m68k run on anything earlier than a 68020?

I don't know.  The FAQ says Linux/m68k won't run on anything less than
a 68020, because anything else can't/doesn't have a PMMU (hmm).  Also
all the code has been compiled with the assumption that we are using
at least an 020, which will presumably break things for an 000 or 010
based machine...


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